Battle Bars’ COO Pays Tribute to Bob Ross on TV

Ian appeared on ‘PA Live!’ to discuss Battle Bars - and Bob Ross.

Battle Bars’ COO Pays Tribute to Bob Ross on TV

Most people consider October 29 as the day to start preparing for Halloween festivities. For others though, it is a day to commemorate the life, work, and lessons imparted by one of the country’s most iconic television hosts, Bob Ross. Earlier today, Ian Sparks, founder and COO of premium protein bar brand, Battle Bars, appeared on ‘PA Live!’ to promote his products, which many claim taste exactly like candy bars.

And since guests of the show were requested to come in their Halloween costumes, the former U.S. Army officer has decided to take this opportunity to pay tribute to fellow veteran, Bob Ross, whose birthday falls on the same day. “Thank you for putting up with my very rough interpretation of Bob Ross--he was an Airforce Veteran,” Sparks tells hosts Hailey Bianco and Chris Bohinski. To which Bohinski replied “This is the amazing part--today is Bob Ross Day. October 29th is supposed to be ‘be kind to people day’, because of Bob Ross.”

Bob Ross whose real name is Robert Norman Ross was the host and creator of “The Joy of Painting”, a 30-minute art instructional television program that aired from 1983-1994. His signature hairstyle, calm and soothing voice, and mesmerizing painting skills have propelled him to become an enduring icon that is beloved not only by fans of his show, but even by younger individuals who only learned about him in recent years.

Battle Bars is a brand that revolutionized the protein bar industry by introducing handcrafted, premium bars that taste amazingly moist and delicious. All their products are made of 100% natural ingredients and are handcrafted in an SQF Level 2 facility that adheres to the strictest standards of food safety and control. Each bar contains not only high-quality protein that supports muscle growth and repair but also has gut health-boosting fiber and antioxidants.

Battle Bars’ products are non-GMO, gluten-free and have grass-fed bovine collagen, which can help improve the condition of skin and joints. Every purchase also helps a veteran in need through Operation Enduring Warrior.

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