Thomas A

"24CT Build Your Own Box"

I’ve had other bars that tasted good enough but often caused digestive issues. Happy to report every flavor of Battle Bars I’ve tried has been easy to digest and great tasting. My favorite is S’Mores FBR with Peanut Butter and Cookies & Cream right after.

Natanael A

"FBR - S'mores

I was intrigued by these bars when I saw them on social media. I decided to try them and I’m not disappointed. These are delicious and extremely soft. I have tried protein bars for so many years and I can only count with one hand how many of those have been really good. I love the marshmallow texture and the chocolate coating.

Pat R

"24CT Build Your Own Box"

During shift, between calls I usually don’t have time to stop and eat right which results in muscle loss and fatigue over time. Battle Bars keeps me on point and energized while fighting hunger. A must have in your lunch or patrol bag.