Amping Up Our Protein Bars With a Healthier Twist: Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil Protein Bars - Battle Bars

What's up, Battle Bars Squad? 

We've got some big news to share, and not just a basic run of the mill update, either! We are making some real changes that are going to blow your taste buds into the stratosphere, while keeping our nutritional profile tight and our standards high. 

Coconut Oil Protein Bars

First off – the big news: we’re kicking non-GMO canola oil to the curb. Sure, it has *some* good stuff and packs a punch of Omega-6 fatty acids, the reality is that it goes through pretty intense processing, and we simply won’t tolerate any potential strange compounds that can sneak their way in during the refining process.

In its place, we're bringing in coconut oil as a replacement for canola in all flavors. 

Imagine this – a subtle tropical twist to your favorite bars, loaded with Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs). These bad boys don't mess around; they're all about quick energy and supporting you through whatever craziness your day throws at you. And hey, the natural antioxidants it provides? They're your body's defense squad - battling inflammation and boosting your immunity. It's like a win-win-win... and another win, if you're counting.

We're rolling out this change because here at Battle Bars, we’re not just interested in providing protein bars – we’re interested in delivering the best, and that means always tweaking, always improving. If you want to know what other power-packed ingredients are in our clean protein bars, check out "What's In A Battle Bars Protein Bar?"

But strap in, because that's not even the biggest news!

A Shot At The Big Leagues

Battle Bars is stepping into the ring with 7-Eleven for a 90-day trial showdown in the Mid-Atlantic region and the Carolinas. If we crush this (as we’ve done so elsewhere!), we're looking at going securing a coveted spot on every 7-Eleven shelf around the country. That means more of our bars, in more places, ready to fuel your journey wherever it takes you. 

This opportunity is massive, but it wouldn't be possible without you, our diehard supporters. You've stood by us, believed in our mission, and we're stoked to keep pushing the boundaries together. 

So, keep an eye out for our ramped-up bars with coconut oil, and if you're in the trial regions, show some love at your local 7-Eleven. We're not just in this battle together; we're here to win it. 

In the spirit of health, strength, and no fake sugar deliciousness, 

The Battle Bars Team 

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